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Explore Tanzania’s culture and history through art galleries, museums, markets, historical sites and more. In both Arusha and Zanzibar, you will be able to experience art galleries displaying artists from all over the African continent, as well as the arts and crafts in colorful local markets, be it food, utensils or souvenirs. Additionally, you will find yourself in little local museums explaining different parts of the Tanzanian history and culture, without of course missing the Olduvai Gorge, where fossil remains of one of the earliest known specimens of the human genus, Homo Habilis, and 3.5-million-year-old human footprints have been discovered.

Tanzania is also home to one of the last indigenous ethnic groups in Africa that have kept their most traditional lifestyle: the Hadzabes. The Hadzabes live around Lake Eyasi in the Central Rift Valley in northern Tanzania, close to the Serengeti Plateau. There are, according to recent studies, around 1,200 and 1,300 Hadza people living in Tanzania. They are traditional hunter-gatherers and their language is different from any other in Tanzania, primarily because of its clicks.

Across the country, including in the islands, you will find your most wanted African item to display in your home. The country has several little arts and crafts markets where you can find everyday items, home decoration, jewellery and sculptures handmade by locals. There are also established shops selling decoration items and furniture made locally with respect to the environment and the communities. At Arusha, we have Shanga, a successful social enterprise which employs people with disabilities to create unique, high quality, handmade jewellery, glassware and homeware using recycled materials. Their products are sold in Tanzania and all over the world and the profits are reinvested back into the development of new products and the employment of disabled people.

Arusha, home to the International Tribunal for the Rwandan Genocide, is a green and lively city elevated at 1400 meters. We offer tours of the town, starting with our little business centre and finishing in the overwhelming city centre, where you can find the ordinary Arusha person going about their day. These tours can be done walking or biking.

One of the greatest attractions of Tanzania is their worldwide known Maasai tribe. There are countless books, documentaries and exhibitions about this famous tribe of warriors. During your trip to Tanzania, you will catch a glimpse of them walking the streets with their traditional clothing, jewellery, stick and machete. If you want to learn more about their lifestyle, you can also visit a Maasai village and experience their traditional dancing.